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We’ve got your back with all the student-run services, support, and resources you need to thrive at UBC. We’re a community, and communities take care of one another.









What are the services available to you?

When you need some help getting back on track there are AMS Services – seven free or low-cost services that can help you overcome whatever hurdles student life throws your way.

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Up against a bureaucratic or disciplinary challenge involving UBC? Don’t fight them alone. AMS Advocacy can support you through the process with clear, understandable information about UBC’s academic and non-academic policies and procedures. Advocacy is free, confidential and always on your side.


Even the best ideas need a good place to start, and for a lot of students that’s AMS eHub. We offer information, mentorship and funding to help get your ideas out of your head and into action. If you have a big idea but don’t know where to start, eHub can get you from starting blocks and over the finish line.

Food Bank

Choosing between paying rent or buying groceries is a choice no one should have to make, but it’s a reality for more than 40% of students at UBC. If you worry about having enough food to eat, the AMS Food Bank can help. We provide free, confidential, emergency food relief for students up to 16 times per term.


Finding a decent place to live in Vancouver can be stressful, especially while trying to focus on your studies at the same time. AMS Housing supports students who are having off-campus housing issues through 1:1 support sessions and referrals.

Peer Support

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, and that’s where AMS Peer Support comes in. Whatever stress or wellness issue you might be going through, AMS Peer Support is ready to listen. Our trained Peer Supporters are students just like you, so they can relate to the challenges of being a student at UBC. They’re here to listen, provide support and can direct you to other resources if you need them.


If you feel unsafe traveling on campus alone after dark, AMS Safewalk can help get you to your destination safely. Our walking and driving teams will accompany you to wherever you need to go on campus, giving you a greater sense of security and peace of mind.


Tackle your classes with confidence and take ownership of your education. AMS Tutoring offers free group and paid private tutoring sessions for first and second year students in a variety of classes. AMS Tutors are all upper year students who have received at least an A in the course they’re tutoring. They know the subject, know your professors and know your struggles.

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