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  • AMS Campus Canines at UBC

    AMS Club - AMS Services

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    To be validated as a member of our club on Campus Base you must first complete the Membership Contact Information Form ( and pay your required Membership Fees through Bounce, based on your membership class. Please be sure to complete these steps before clicking "join." Members will not be validated until we can confirm that the form and fees have been received.

    Please note that Bounce adds a mandatory usage fee of $1.59 (or $1.74 for Associate Members). Campus Canines has no control over this added fee, and we are required by the AMS to only use Bounce for digital club sales of any sort. If you do not want to pay this additional fee we can also accept payment in the form of cash. Cash payments will be received at our upcoming information sessions and future club booths. You can check our social media pages for more details.

    Membership Classes & Respective Dues:
    - Active Member (current UBC student with valid student number): $10
    - Associate Member (non-UBC student, faculty, etc.): $15

    Membership Contact Information Form:
    Pay Membership Fees:

    (1 Year)

    Membership will end on 30 Apr 2024

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