About Us

The purpose and mission of this club is to create a community of support for collegian puppy raisers at UBC, while actively advocating for accessibility on campus and educating the general community about assistance dogs.

Campus Canines is made up of three types of members:

  • Puppy Raisers

    Our most recognizable members are our puppy raisers! Puppy raisers have a puppy with them all day, every day for a minimum of 18 months. This includes having a furry companion by your side at work, school, the grocery store, and wherever else you may go in a day.

  • Puppy Sitters

    Puppy sitters provide much needed breaks and support to puppy raisers. This includes taking puppies anywhere from a couple hours a day to weeks or months at a time. Campus Canines puppy sitters provide invaluable support to raisers during labs, exams, and other times when the raiser may need to be apart from their pup.

  • General Members

    You don’t have to be a raiser or sitter to make a difference! General members help with organising club events, outreach, community education, promotion, puppy socialisation, and much more!