Sargam UBC

Merging Indian Classical and other genres of music to create magical experiences.


About Us

Our mission is to promote Indian Classical and Fusion music within the Greater Vancouver area and let students showcase their talent and experience. We want to present the genre of Indian Classical music to individuals of various backgrounds and expand on it by fusing together various musical styles.

We create fusion pieces that we perform several times a year. If you have a passion for singing, or if you play an instrument - come join a vibrant community to nurture and share your talent! We welcome people of all talents and skill levels.

Our members particularly enjoy coming together to create exciting compositions. If you have an idea for a performance, we'd love to hear it!

For more information about Sargam and a contact form for any performance or membership inquiries, feel free to check out our site!

Benefits for Members

The following benefits are available for all members of Sargam!


Only members are allowed to perform in events hosted by Sargam and events we are invited to by friends of the club.

Jam Sessions

We host regular jam sessions (details to be confirmed) where members can have fun, experiment, and perfect pieces for performances.


The Sargam community welcomes people from all backgrounds. Even if you have limited musical experience, we are willing to support you!

Music Videos

We make music videos that will go up on our YouTube channel and social media.

Club Merch

You get access to exclusive merchandise such as T-shirts that can be purchased for a small fee (depending on interest).

Our Team

Kasish Mahajan Profile

Kasish Mahajan

VP Internal
Rishika Daswani Profile

Rishika Daswani

Co-VP Media
Bhavisha Malik Profile

Bhavisha Malik

Co-VP Media
Malavika Kannan Profile

Malavika Kannan

Creative Director
Akshay Khale Profile

Akshay Khale

Viplav Subramanian Profile

Viplav Subramanian

Creative Director
Shraddha Kaushik Profile

Shraddha Kaushik