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About Us

AMS UBC Synapse is a club that targets neurodegenerative disease through three lenses: promoting awareness, fundraising for related research and organizations, and connecting students with the neurodegenerative disease community. Recent initiatives include hosting workshops at senior homes, organizing lab tours, and creating short videos that feature the individual experience of living with a neurodegenerative disease. Our most popular annual event is the Santa Ono Photobooth fundraiser.


Meet like-minded individuals who are also interested in neuroscience, psychology and neurodegenerative dieseases

Participate in community orientated events that focus on outreach and fundraising for neurodegenerative disease research

Learn and educate yourself on neurodegenerative diseases and what you can do to support those living with them

Santa Ono Photobooth

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Outreach Events

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Our Team

Tiffany Chang
VP Design
Phoenix Au-Yeung
VP Communication
Sangeetha Kasturi
VP Internal
Yi Han Xia
VP External
Ian Daly
Mina Han
Julia Handra

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