AMS Asian Brush Calligraphy at UBC

New and the only Asian calligraphy club at UBC


About Us

1. To connect people who are interested in Asian brush calligraphy and create a community for them. 2. To introduce and help beginners to develop calligraphy skills and learn about the culture. To create an environment for intermediate to advanced members, where they can stay in touch with their existing knowledge and continue to develop their calligraphy skills. 4. To create an environment where members can relax and destress by practicing calligraphy to support the mental health of the community.

Members Benefits

Events discount

Receive discounts for our events!

Equipment access

Feel free to use the club's equipment during regular practice sessions.

Membership fee

UBC student - $5 / year
non-UBC student - $7.5 / year

Our Team

Alina Trautwein Profile

Alina Trautwein

Creative Director
Mikune Fujita Profile

Mikune Fujita

Event Director
Abhinava Tejas Prathivadhi Bhayankaram Profile

Abhinava Tejas Prathivadhi Bhayankaram

Mizuki Shindoh Profile

Mizuki Shindoh