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UBC A Cappella will not be holding auditions or rehearsals as usual for the fall 2020-2021 semester (September- December) due to COVID-19 and the increased risk of spreading the disease caused by in-person singing. We are unsure of what things will look like for the 2021 January-April term, but will proceed in accordance with UBC and provincial guidelines.

For our current members, we will be taking a more "Grassroots" approach, details for which can be found below.


UBC A Cappella will not be holding auditions for the fall 2020-2021 semester. However, if you are new to UBC A Cappella and interested in joining us, we will be creating public facing workshops and songs throughout the year for you to learn the ropes, be involved, and share in the UBC A Cappella experience.


UBC A Cappella will not be holding in-person rehearsals for the fall 2020-2021 semester. However, groups will have the opportunity to create virtual choirs under the guidance of their MDs, or independently. Virtual rehearsals/meetups in each group will be organized at the discretion of each MD.

S O C I A L S   +   W O R K S H O P S

To keep our community connected, we will be hosting a variety of virtual socials, workshops, and events throughout the year. Some will be hosted by MDs, other Exec members, or even you, our members. Learn skills ranging from beatboxing and vocal technique to how to cook ramen and how to create virtual choirs.

Grassroots A Cappella

This year will be stressful for many, meaning it will be difficult for our members to partake in regular rehearsals, let alone curate large group virtual choirs. As such, UBC A Cappella will be taking on a more grass roots format to encourage continued music making together.

grass roots /ɡɹæs ɹuts/ - the most basic level of an activity or organization; ordinary people regarded as the main body of an organization's membership.

This means that we will be encouraging our members to become MDs, arrangers, and tech crews of their own (with ample support of course)! Members will have the opportunity to create small groups of their own, mixing together with members from any of our existing groups. These groups can use arrangements made accessible to them by UBC Aca, or arrange their own! This will all culminate in a virtual concert featuring these projects at the end of the semester. We can't wait to show you what we've been up to!