2022 Winter/Spring Semester Auditions

Our next round of auditions will be held January 15-16, 2022 - January 15 auditions will be IN PERSON while January 16 auditions will be held ONLINE via Zoom to accommodate those out of town and prefer online due to safety concerns

Read before signing up for your audition:

Each group is looking for a select number of voice parts, please make sure your voice part is being recruited in your preferred groups and that you are able to make the groups' rehearsal times(s).

The Undeclared Majors

Soprano: 1-2 | Tenor: 1 | Bass: 1-2

The Unaccompanied Minors

Tenor: 1-2 | Bass: 1-2


Soprano 2: 2-3 | Alto 1: 1-2 | Alto 2: 2

Note: Fermata welcomes any who identify themselves as women in any way that is important to them. This includes but is not limited to cis-women, trans women, and non-binary folks who align with these experiences. Therefore auditions are not limited to upper voices (soprano/alto) but open to the voice parts of tenor, baritone, and bass as long as the individual identifies as a woman.

Choral Reef

Tenor: 1 | Bass: 1-2

For more information on our general groups such as numbers and rehearsal times, please check out our general groups page.

What to prepare for your audition

1. Solo song of your choice (1 minute max)

2. Prepared piece (provided in sign-up timesheet)

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